Counselling for Lawyers

We understand the unique challenges of those working in the legal profession.


The Lawyer's Counsellor

Kathryn is a lawyer, and worked in the legal profession in NSW and QLD for almost 15 years. She worked as a solicitor, barrister and in-house counsel during her career. She has a unique understanding of the challenges of the legal profession, and a passion for helping fellow lawyers to manage their mental health.

Our services

We offer speciality counselling for lawyers (including private practice, in-house and government), barristers and judges.

counselling for lawyers

Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Law is a stressful profession. For many lawyers the non-stop demands of clients and the job can result in burnout. For those in high emotion practice areas, compassion fatigue can contribute to this.

counselling for lawyers

Career Change and Identity Transition

Being a lawyer isn't just a career. For many it is a calling and a passion. So if the passion wanes, or you can no longer practice, that change of identity can be challenging.

counselling for lawyers

Vicarious Trauma

Working with those who have experienced trauma, or with traumatic material can result in vicarious trauma. This is particularly an issue for those in the judiciary, and those who practice in crime, coronial, personal injury, abuse, and family law areas.

interpersonal abuse

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Unfortunately, bullying and harassment is much too common in the legal profession. It can be debilitating for those that find themselves targets of this sort of behaviour. But it does not have to be the end of your career.

Concerned about privacy and confidentiality?

As we do not offer rebates under Medicare, there is no external record of your using our services. So within the limits of the law, we are able to provide complete confidentiality. This is not the case where you utilise a GP Mental Health Care Plan through a psychologist or similar.


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