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We provide a specialised trauma-informed services.

Interpersonal Trauma Counselling

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Birth Trauma / Perinatal Counselling

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Vicarious Trauma Counselling

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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Counselling for Lawyers

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About Mindsmith Wellness

Here at Mindsmith Wellness, we look at the whole person.  People are more than just a diagnosis or collection of symptoms.  When a person survives trauma, the amazing survival skills that keep them safe can get in the way of them living a full life later on.


"Prior to counselling, I was dealing with unresolved trauma and anxiety. After getting in touch with Mindsmith Wellness, I knew I found the right counsellor to help work through my trauma. I was always given a safe space to communicate my emotions both positive and negative. I was provided incredible resources and coping strategies to apply to my everyday living to help manage my triggers and various emotional states. It has made such a difference and I’m in a much more positive headspace. It has improved my mental well-being and my relationships around me. I am a much more resilient person because of my choice to embark on a difficult yet rewarding journey."

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Counselling client
July 2022

“You [Kathryn] are so easy to talk to open and honestly without me feeling judged and I think the way you worked with me was explanatory and gave me reason and depth as to why I think and feel certain things and ways.”

mindsmith wellness

Counselling client
January 2022

What do we mean by trauma-informed?

"Trauma-informed" is a bit of a buzz word that means different things to different services and organisations. For us, it is both philosophy and practice.

trauma informed

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