International Women's Day

Car Hero + International Women’s Day Offer

Happy International Women's Day!

We all have women in our lives who are Heroes. To acknowledge all those women Heroes who are doing it tough at the moment, Car Hero + has partnered with Mindsmith Wellness to offer six free counselling sessions to one new Hero every three months for the next year. If you are struggling with being a mum, work/life balance, grief and loss, or trauma, we can help. Contact us and mention this offer to get started.
International Women's Day
Terms and Conditions below:
  1. Open to persons identifying as women aged 18 or over, presenting with an issue that is within the expertise of Mindsmith Wellness, and who mentions this offer from Car Hero + (“client”).
  2. The client is eligible to receive six one-hour counselling sessions which can be used over a three-month period (“subsidised sessions”)
  3. Only one client is eligible to receive the subsidised sessions in any three-month period. This will be provided on a first come, first served basis, providing the person meets the eligibility requirements at paragraph 1.
  4. The subsidised sessions will be paid for by Car Hero +.
  5. Car Hero + has agreed to provide four sets of six subsidised sessions to four different clients over a 12-month period from 8 March 2022 until 8 March 2023, unless extended.
  6. The client is not required to use all six subsidised sessions, but any sessions not used within the three-month period are forfeited.
  7. Car Hero + will not receive any information about the client or their sessions, except for the number and dates of the sessions to facilitate payment. The client’s details will not be included on any invoices sent to Car Hero +.
  8. The client is able to terminate the subsidised sessions prior to completion.
  9. Mindsmith Wellness is able to terminate the subsidised sessions prior to completion, if they form a view, at their sole discretion, that continuing to provide services to the client is no longer suitable for any reason.
  10. The client is required to abide by the terms and conditions of Mindsmith Wellness in order to receive the subsidised sessions, except for the terms and conditions regarding payment.
  11. At the conclusion of the subsidised sessions, the client is welcome to continue to receive services from Mindsmith Wellness but will be required to pay the advertised fees.
  12. The client is under no obligation to receive any services from Mindsmith Wellness, at the conclusion of the subsidised sessions.
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